What Does the Label Blue Ribbon Mean in Real Estate?

What Does the Label Blue Ribbon Mean in Real Estate?Blue ribbon real estate has been popping up more and more on real estate listings or in the use of a real estate property description. It is a term used to describe the condition of the property. It means that the property is in pristine condition. It is not used to refer to brand new construction but is specifically used for homes that have been impeccably maintained.

What Exactly Does Blue Ribbon Condition Mean in Real Estate?

Just as a blue ribbon won at the fair means that it is the best, a blue ribbon in terms of describing a real estate property means that it is in such good condition it is almost brand new.

A larger number of buyers are more likely to be attracted to homes in blue ribbon condition because they do not require a ton of work if any at all before moving in. The only work they might require is if the buyer prefers a style change due to their personal preferences. Sometimes blue ribbon level properties are easier to find in newer neighborhoods.

Where Did Blue Ribbon Come From?

As mentioned above blue ribbons are a common symbol of high quality and in competitions are awarded the first place prize. It is a symbol of being the best of the best. So when this term is used in real estate it refers to a property being in the highest tier of conditions it can possibly be without being a new construction home.

Other terms used to describe blue ribbon condition in real estate

Other terms that might be used to describe a home in its best condition include mint condition, turn-key ready, move-in ready, or move-in condition. All of these terms explain that a home is in amazing shape and almost flawless.

Getting a home in blue ribbon condition

It can be a good idea to get a home into blue ribbon condition to sell it as successfully and as close to the asking price as possible. Some things you can do to get a home in pristine condition include painting, cleaning up the landscaping, hiring professional cleaners to deep clean every single area, employing the help of a professional to stage the space, and even conducting a pre-sale inspection to get a professional look at any areas of concern.

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