Ways to Brighten Up a Bathroom without Windows

When constructing a home, bathrooms are often the last room to benefit from the natural light that a window provides. So what can you do if you have a windowless bathroom that feels smaller and boxed in? 

Here are some ways to brighten up a bathroom so you don't even miss the Ways to Brighten Up a Bathroom without Windowswindow

White is Your Friend

The color white is one of the best ways to keep any room feeling bright and airy. It helps to reflect light through the space. White walls and fixtures can bounce more light around a room than the mirror itself.

Glass and Lucite are Helpful Materials

Materials like glass, lucite, polished metals, mirrors, etc are beneficial in bouncing the light around a room. They also add interest and an upscale luxe feel without sucking up the light in a room. They help to add interest to rooms that have very little color.

Lucite is very helpful for accessories you keep on the vanity counter. They don't feel like they take up as much space as opaque accessories do.

Open Legged Vanity

An open-legged vanity is one where you can see under the sink. It creates the illusion of more floor space because you can see more of the floor. One downside is that it takes a bit of storage away from the room. This can be made up with smart organization in a nearby closet. 

You could also include just a single shelf under the sink to hold a basket of towels to help with storage. 

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Bring in Another Mirror

Mirrors do a lot to make a room feel spacious. Mirrors near the ground can really make a room feel much bigger than it is. This can be done by using metal toe kicks or kick plates on the bottom of doors as well. 

Layer the Lighting

Bring in more lighting than just the fixture over the vanity. More light fixtures of course bring more light into the room and allow for more to be bounced around the room. 

A window allows for horizontal lights to help balance out the vertical light from fixtures. Installing wall fixtures and other points of light beyond the ceiling ones will help to improve the brightness of a room where there are no windows. 

Glass Doors instead of Curtains

Upgrading your shower door to a new sleek glass one with minimal metallic hardware is another way to open up sight lines in a room and make it feel instantly bigger. A shower curtain cuts off sight lines and makes the room feel smaller. 

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