Tiny Homes: Are Stairs a Priority?

Tiny homes are increasing in popularity for many reasons. Some of these reasons include less of an impact on the environment, a more affordable lifestyle, a simpler less stressful way of living, or even the ability to live completely debt-free.Tiny Homes: Are Stairs a Priority?

.Most tiny homes range from just 800 to 400 ft.² Some can go as much as 1000 ft.² but with this tiny bit of living space there of course will need to be space-saving solutions made. This is in order to use the smallest amount of space to its optimal advantage and for the most purposes possible. This poses some storage challenges and the challenge of deciding what to include and want to give up.

In an effort to give just a little bit more usable square footage many tiny homes will include a loft space up in the ceiling. If you do a tiny home search or tiny house search on the web browser and pull up images you will most likely find that a large percentage of tiny homes have a loft space to create extra square footage. But what is the best way to give access to this loft space? Should you go with a ladder that uses very minimal space, or should you opt for some stairs?

Here are some pros and cons of both staircases and ladders in tiny homes

Ladders in tiny homes


They are space-saving:

A ladder is of course going to take up much less space than installing a staircase in your tiny home. The ladder takes up much less of the floor and in some cases can be tucked away with the right design.

They are more versatile:

The thin and narrow designs of tiny house loft ladders are very easy to incorporate into a design concept or home layout for a tiny home. There are very little changes that need to be made to a tiny home plan when bringing in a ladder.


More difficult to climb:

Ladders are of course way more steep than stairs and require much more physical energy to get from one level to another. This is not the best choice for someone that may have mobility issues.


Ladders are less safe than a staircase because they require much more strength and dexterity to climb at a much steeper grade. They are much easier to fall off of should you miss a step and you will fall further.

Not pet friendly:

Unless you have a pet monkey your furry family member will not be able to get up a ladder.

Staircases in tiny homes


Staircases are a bit safer:

Though there are still some safety things to be aware of with a staircase it is much safer as compared to a steep ladder. Tiny stairs have much fewer safety risks than a ladder which is much like climbing straight up the wall.


A staircase will take up more floor space in a tiny home as compared to a ladder, but there are several great creative storage solutions you can implement into a staircase in a tiny home. For example, you could turn the stairs into drawers, use the space that would be under the stairs as a closet, create bookshelves under there, or even small cubbyholes to give each person living in the home their own space to store certain items.

They are pet and kid-friendly:

Kids and pets are much safer using a staircase with a rail then using a ladder. As well as anyone with any physical or mobility issues.

They can provide additional seating:

Keep some pillows or cushions handy and you can instantly turn your stairs into a seating area to host guests in your tiny home. It could even become a small bed for pets that are just the right size. You might find that a cute cat or small dog loves to curl up on the staircase for a nap.


Stairs weigh more:

Because stairs are heavier than installing a ladder you will need to compensate for this with the framing or a foundation in your tiny home. You will want to ensure the structure of your tiny home can handle the weight of a staircase.

Take up more floor space:

This is one of the obvious reasons why some people opt for the ladder in a tiny home. A staircase will take up a bit more floor area in a tiny home.

So are stairs better for a tiny home? Some people would say that stairs are the better option as you can still use the space under the stairs for storage in a tiny home. When it comes down to it a staircase is just safer and it can be used creatively to still justify taking out the bit of floor space that they take up. Of course, there are some living scenarios where the ladder might be a better choice especially if you are just living on your own.

Many folks are building homes these days instead of buying but with the cost of lumber and materials, a tiny home may be ideals. For more information on tiny homes in Ocean City MD and surrounding areas contact us at any time. 

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