The First Mermaid Museum on the East Coast is in Berlin

The first mermaid museum on the entire East Coast of the United States just opened on Berlin’s Main Street. In a national contest, the city of Berlin Maryland was once named America’s Coolest Small Town, this is just another item to add to the reason why Berlin has earned this title.

The Mermaid MuseumThe First Mermaid Museum on the East Coast is in Berlin

The museum is very young and opened in March earlier this year. The very first visitors to the museum describe the experience as something really magical. Inside this unique museum, mermaid lovers will find an authentic Fiji mermaid. The Fiji mermaid is a mythical half-monkey half-fish that is said to have been caught off the coast of Fiji and shown off by the PT Barnum sideshows at the circus. In addition to fun and rare artifacts, of which there are plenty, there is also art and even a fun and odd display of a mermaid-shaped Cheeto cheese puff chip.

The owner of this fun mystical mermaid museum in Berlin Maryland is Alyssa Maloof. Her goal was to create a space where people could be in an enchanting environment and learn something about why mermaids are so enduring and how the myth has come to be and continue throughout all of the cultures around the world.

This fantastic and unique mermaid museum is located in a historic building known as the old Oddfellows building in the downtown area of Berlin. It is located fairly close to the water just 20 minutes west of the popular oceanside vacation hotspot of Ocean City Maryland. The owner Alyssa is an artist in the area and gained a lot of her inspiration for the museum from the town’s early 20th-century architecture. She wanted to have the content inside the museum tell of the time period of the building’s architecture as well as the town’s surrounding structures. She feels it is the missing puzzle piece that Berlin needed to complete its cool small-town vibe.

This mermaid museum is not the stereotypical stuffy artsy upscale museum that you find in New York City. It is a laid-back atmosphere that does not take itself overly seriously. The sign at the entrance to the museum reads “nudity and fish nudity early mermaids didn’t wear suits.” It is a discrete way of letting museum-goers (especially parents) know that some of the exhibits are a little revealing.

Along with the main exhibits and attractions, there are several hidden gems tucked all throughout the museum that a person may not find on their first visit. This allows for someone to come back several times and find something new every time they come. Something to keep them engaged and entertained and intrigued. The owner says if you look closely, you could find sneak peeks into other worlds.

The exact address of the brand-new mermaid museum in Berlin Maryland is 4 Jefferson Street, which is next door to the Berlin Atlantic Hotel. The mermaid museum began operating only on the weekends during the spring when it first opened, but it’s now open from 11 to 5 PM six days a week, closed on Mondays. These hours began in June and will go through October. The admission fee is $11 per person.

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