Selling a Home with Structural Issues

Selling a Home with Structural IssuesNo matter how well you care for your West Ocean City area home or how new it is, a home is going to have some sort of issue when you list it for sale and it undergoes a professional inspection. Most issues can be solved pretty easily and do not hinder the selling process, but what if your home has structural issues? These are a bit more serious.

What is Structural Damage?

Structural damage is any form of concern in a home that puts the overall safety and integrity of the building at risk. Often structural issues in residential homes come in the form of foundation shifting or cracks, sagging roofs, or uneven flooring. Structural issues can render a home unsafe to live in.

Is it Possible to Sell a Home with Structural Damage?

You can sell a property in any condition, the key point here is that it needs to be clearly communicated through disclosures. Selling the home will be different than the steps you would take for selling a West Ocean City home that has no known issues. 

Tips for Selling an Ocean City Area Home That Has Structural Damage

Get a Professional Opinion

If you believe your home has significant structural issues and have not yet had a professional come and check them out it is in your best interest. Having a professional look over issues you are concerned with to get a true insight into them and what it will take to fix the issue as well as how much it will cost is important for disclosing the issue. 

You might find something seems like a large concern and is not nearly as severe as you originally thought. This is always nice news to get. It is very important to know exactly what is going on.

Look Into the Possibility of Insurance Coverage

If the damage is a result of a natural disaster you may be able to get help in paying for the repair in full or partially. It is worth looking into. Making the repair will enable you to sell your home for a higher price. 

Deciding Whether to Hold Off and Repair or Negotiate the Cost of Repairs or Sell the Home As It Is

Choosing a selling option for the home can feel overwhelming. The best choice as to whether you should fix the home or be open and flexible to price negotiations to help cover repair costs or just sell the home as-is with the understanding the price is reduced and no repairs will be made or negotiated depends on your needs and the intensity of the damage. 

Making a repair gets you a better selling price, but will it give you a full return on your investment, negotiating to cover the cost of repairs could come to an opinion war about the extent of the work and the price, and selling as-is means finding the right buyer while also selling for less money. 

The best way to decide what the best selling strategy for your Ocean City area home is to talk with a local real estate agent. They know how to sell homes and can advise you on the best option for you personally by helping you to look at all of the factors of the possible choices. 

For more information on selling your home in West Ocean City and surrounding areas please contact us any time. 

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