Detecting Odors in Your Home and Fixing Them Before Showing it to Buyers

Detecting Odors in Your Home and Fixing Them Before Showing it to BuyersIf you are getting your Ocean City or area home ready to sell you want to make sure that it is in top condition and shows all the best attributes of the property to receive the highest offer possible in a shorter amount of time. One of the biggest turn off's that many homebuyers have shared in several homebuyer surveys is when a home has a peculiar smell.

An unpleasant smell on a property in a walk-through can communicate several negative things about a home for sale that a West Ocean City home seller will not want a potential buyer to think about their home. It could even result in a potential buyer heading for the hills and looking for the next available property.

Here is how to identify unpleasant odors in your home and get them fixed before showing your home for sale

If you are smelling a fishy type of smell

If something smells akin to aging fish it is not always attributed to the lingering odors of last night's healthy dinner fix. It could mean the presence of something very troubling. If it has been some time since you have eaten seafood and you smell a fishy smell it is a good idea to call an electrician and let them know you may have an emergency.

A fishy smell without the presence of seafood could mean an electrical component in the home is overheating or burning somewhere. It could be the result of loose or frayed wires or cords or it might be an overloaded circuit or maybe even a faulty and incorrect-sized breaker or fuse. It is better to be safe than sorry and call in some professional help.

Something that smells like sewage or bathroom

If you feel you are smelling overwhelming bathroom smells it is a good idea to call up a plumber. Sewage-type smells that never seem to go away could mean that a plumbing system is clogged and is backing up. It could also mean a broken sewer pipe. Whatever the source it is never good to leave lingering bathroom smells to just sit for too long.

A dirty sock-type smell

Dirty sock smells can come from actual dirty socks but if they are hanging out and not in an area near say your teenager's bedroom or the laundry area it could be a sign that there is bacterial growth in your HVAC system coils. Bacterial growth can be especially productive in the spring in fall. It is caused by condensation in the coils that creates a nice wet environment that bacteria love. You can get rid of it by cleaning evaporator coils with a non-acid coil cleaner. It is best to hire the help of a professional to clean your coils and air ducts. It is ideal for your HVAC system to receive maintenance and cleaning every year.

A smell like rotten eggs

If you feel you smell something like rotten eggs and there are natural gas elements in your home you want to check all of these fixtures. According to the US Energy Information Administration about half of the homes in America have some source of natural gas and every home with these elements should be aware of what gas leaks can look like. Natural gas is colorless and odorless when working properly and gas companies add a foul-smelling odorant to the gas to help homeowners be mindful of leaks.

If you are smelling rotten eggs without the presence of eggs and have natural gas hooked up to your home vacate the house immediately after turning off all lights and appliances and call the gas company from a safe location to let them know what is going on.

Cat urine

Cat urine has a very distinct ammonia-like odor that is incredibly unpleasant. If you are smelling this overwhelming smell in your home and have a cat it is obviously time to clean the litter box and consider placing it somewhere else during home showings. If there is no cat in your home this type of smell could be due to the presence of a mold issue. It could even mean the presence of toxic black mold which needs to be taken care of by a professional remediation company.

There are many funny smells that can pop up around our homes just as a result of daily use of our homes in everyday life. It is not uncommon to have a funky smell or two over the course of your home ownership. You always want to make sure you take care of a funny smell as soon as you smell it especially if you were getting your home ready to sell.

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