Designing a Low Maintenance Yard

Designing a Low-Maintenance Yard

Having a low-maintenance yard is something that many people are interested in and it is a great idea for second homes or vacation properties, places where you don’t spend the majority of your time.

Here are 12 ways you can set up your garden so you are spending less time working on it and more time enjoying it or having your renters enjoy it with less demand on your time.

Create a sizable outdoor living area

One of the main attractions to vacation rentals and vacation properties is the ability to enjoy the outdoor space. Creating a sizable outdoor living area not only helps with a low maintenance landscape it also is highly appealing to vacation renters or at your vacation home to allow for more easily enjoying beautiful outdoors all around.

Outdoor living spaces simply feel like an extension of the inside of the home. These can be comfortable dining spaces, lounging areas, or even a series of comfortable seats positioned around a focal point like a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

These spaces allow you and entice you to comfortably hang out and enjoy the outdoors more while also taking up a significant amount of near plant-free and low-maintenance space.

Cut back on the grass

Having a smaller amount of grass will mean less time is spent mowing, fertilizing, weeding, reseeding, and trying to keep it green and pristine. A nice and lush lawn is very appealing to the eyes but it does take quite a bit of upkeep and work to keep it green and pretty.

Limit planting space

This may seem like this is turning into an article advocating for turning your whole yard into a hardscape. While this would drastically cut down on the amount of routine maintenance care and attention your yard would need that is not where we are going.

Make sure to take into account the total overall size of your outdoor space and plan accordingly with a manageable ratio of actual plants in the yard. Make sure that the plants you do plant are ones that make a big and striking impact visually in a space this way you will need much less of them without feeling like there are fewer plants around.

Choose low maintenance plants native to your area

In planting bold and impressive plants that make a statement, you want to make sure that you are also sticking with plants that are native to the area and are easy to grow and maintain.

You do not want to plant a banana tree in a cold climate, or a tomato plant in an area where there is no sun. Make sure you know what is required for the health and longevity of your plants and choose ones that will work perfectly in the spot where you are planting them.

Trying to keep a tomato plant alive where there is no sunshine will require much more work on your part as you will have to bring in light to help it survive. A better option for a shady spot would be a plant that loves the shade this way you are not having to put more time into the successful growth of the plant.

Swap out flowers for decorative shrubs

Flowers can be very beautiful and bring great color to a space but they can also be much more maintenance hungry. Flowering plants take a lot more time and attention to keep them beautiful you will need to weed more frequently and deadhead any blooms that are not thriving. They also require more water.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let Some Spots Go Wild

Plant some areas that would be better if left to nature and go ungroomed. In a sense, a “no maintenance area.” Places like a back corner or a shady area under a mature growth tree can still be appealing to the eye when left alone for the most part with the right low maintenance plants.

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