Cabanas Bar and Grille Coming to the Boardwalk

Recently, the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners approved a seven-day liquor license transfer and a premises modification for Cabana Bar and Grill. This is a new restaurant that will be located in the spot where the former Paul Revere Smorgasbord was.Cabanas Bar and Grille Coming to the Boardwalk

The new bar and grill are met with much anticipation from people in the area. There are plans for Cabana to also take over the existing Caribbean Pool Bar on the boardwalk as well. The owners of the Cabana Beach Bar and Grill are Jason and Cortney Bullock and Chad Olenchick. They have shared that the idea for this area is to change it from a buffet-style restaurant to an indoor-outdoor restaurant venue that has a new bar that will serve drinks both indoors and outdoors.

The outdoor area was previously used as an entrance and exit as well as a waiting area to be seated. The plans for this area are to include dining space as well as bar seating and a carry-out window with some additional seating.

Currently, the indoor portion of the restaurant has a capacity of 250 people.

There will be plenty of new signage going up at the boardwalk to show customers that the Cabana is there and direct them how to either get to the bar and restaurant side of the adjacent carry-out window. There will be a hostess adjacent to the carryout area to help ensure that there will be no one exiting the outdoor areas with alcoholic beverages in hand. The bar will be situated so that it can be accessed from both inside and outside. This new design will make for it to be very hard to exit the restaurant with alcohol in hand, which has been a concern of some residents in the area.

Some have asked if there will be changes made for live entertainment to continue that used to happen at the Caribbean Pool Bar. Previously there were a lot of issues that occurred at the location of the Caribbean Pool Bar and some people are curious to know if there is a possibility for past problems to continue when the new restaurant opens.

The new owners that plan to bring Cabana Bar and Grill to the old Paul Revere Restaurant space are aware of the Caribbean Pool Bar issues from the past and the reputation that comes along with the location. They hope to ensure people in the area that they plan to keep business running smoothly and not create a space for this type of atmosphere to continue on the boardwalk.

During community meetings with town officials, the motion passed with the understanding that any live entertainment must be from musicians that are no larger than four-piece acts. The plans to open Cabana are for the spring of 2022. All of the owners are excited to get it open as they all had their first jobs along Second Street and it is fun to be back where they first began their working days.

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